What’s your WHY?

This might seem like quite an odd question, but it’s one of the most fundamental questions for your business. Very few people have figured out their ‘why’, and this can be real block for your small business.

Your why is your purpose (no, we’re not talking about making money here), we’re talking about what made you set your business up, what makes you get out of bed in the morning, what are you trying to achieve (and for whom?).

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Why we are doing this?
  • Why we are in business?
  • Why do we exist?
  • Why are we good at what we do?
  • What do people say about us that’s great? What are we great at?

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy in to WHY you do it. 

If you don’t know what your why is, how will anyone else buy in to what you do? 

Have a look at some brands you love – what’s their why? Think about why that resonates with you, and why you buy from them. Have a look at your competitors. Think about what makes your business unique (search behind that boiler-plate fascia e.g. ‘we are passionate about…’

Find and share your real why, what drives you, what makes you get out of bed in the morning and share that with your audience. That’s how you build your tribe, by finding like-minded people who buy in to your why. Give them the reasons to join you, and you’ll build a loyal group of customers with shared values. Who doesn’t want that?

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