Small Business Owners, you are brilliant

Small Business owners, I salute you. Having just been through the start up process myself, the face that you’re here is testament to your commitment, dedication and hard work to get your business idea of the ground. Well done you. Now what’s next?
It’s likely you’ll be familiar with the fact that you need to do marketing to get yourself some customers. But what exactly does that mean? And where does Social Media come in to the mix (hint: not just yet).

The reasons that so many business owners struggle with marketing is a lack of understanding. Now, lets get one thing straight here – I’m not saying you don’t understand your business (you do, you’re the expert at what you do.) But by applying a strategic approach to your marketing (just as you would your business model) then you can map out a clear plan of what you want to achieve, how, and how much money to allocate for your marketing activity (handy hint #2 if you put nothing in, guess what you’ll get back. Yes that’s right, a big old zero).

By taking this strategic approach, you drive your marketing activity, understand what drives income, and what doesn’t. So, for example say you’re a service-based business like a hairdresser or yoga teacher, you understand what puts bums on seats (or on mats) so you’re in control of your income, and not the other way round.

With this in mind, I’ve created a helpful little document to compile the common mistakes I see when working with small businesses. It’s not intended to point out your weaknesses, but to identify common issues and to help you to avoid them with your marketing activity. I hope it’s helpful – please let me know in the comments.

Download your free guide here>>

Happy reading, lovely small business owners.

Tahlia x

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